Pandora News Letter - Issue #1

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Pandora News Letter - Issue #1

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:18 am


Monthly Newsletter Issue #1



* may not be completely accurate

Server outages: 17 minor 2 Major
Most people online: 19 (23rd October)
Current CTF & TDM champion: Chazzy
Current Redstone genius: Atty
Current top builder: Shanksie
Server online: 25days
Forum registrations: 21
Number of forum posts: 73

As the server has just started up we had to promote people very quickly to help us in managing and supporting the server. It has been hard to keep up as many players have been promoted on the fly due to their good support and work they have shown in the server. This list currently does not show all players promotions and I apologies if you are missing. Promotions will still occur on Sundays but the number of promotions will be less.

Advanced Builder




The Great Build Contest #1
A build contest is well underway with the closing date being 10th November. There are prizes to be won so make sure you check out the thread and submit your entry.

Pandora is 1 month old on 10th November 2011 make sure you join the party !!!

Top 3 Featured Builds

Westminster Abbey
Creator: Sherbear
Location: North of spawn

This is a fantastic build created by our very own lan hut staff member. Brick and Sandstone is a great combination that makes the work standout and is a complete replica of the real Westminster abbey (London). Make sure you all take a look and stand in awe at the work that has gone into it.

A working G18c (shoots arrows)
Creator: anders287
Location: Creative area

This is a huge glock gun so big I had to give anders permission into another plot. With a server rollback a portion of this was removed, some of us would have been disheartened and gave up but it did not stop anders in finishing plus wiring up some redstone so the barrel of the gun shoots arrows.

Mountain Wars ctf game
Creator: chazzy
Location: /zone Mountain_Wars (or use the war hub at spawn)

There have been many ctf arenas and it’s difficult to pick a favourite and I’m sure many will disagree with my choice but meh it is my opinion. I like this ctf because the build of it is minimal only two bridges. I like the size of it and the natural use of a great piece of landscape. This arena gives you extra arrows which is very handy because generally this is a snipers map. Try it out for yourself and feel the joy when you get a kill from your arrow when the enemy is 200 yards away.

Top 3 Future builds

Pandora Castle Mk.2
Creator: Kierito
Location: (Secret)
Remember my old sandcastle that became the hub of Pandora Town in Tzahi’s server? Well Kierito is remaking it with some extra much needed improvements.

Big Ben
Creator: Sherbear
Location: None created
This was mentioned as a new build that sherbear had in mind, will she start it? Who knows but let’s hope so.

Creator: Elicebox plus others
Location: Youtube
Elicebox101 and some others have been doing a great job in showing off the server and your builds. If someone has time I would like a Youtube tower built with the youtube logo and then we will attach a sign showing your channel so everyone on the server can take a look and subscribe.

Top 3 plugins installed

We are having great fun with this plugin I think everyone has played it at some point. If you have not then you are missing out. Do you feel like designing your own capture the flag arena? Let an owner know so we can set that up for you.

Show me the money! This plugin is still in its infancy, we have it installed but we are not using it. That will change in the future where money will play a big part in the server. We will be having a lottery and Casino (with working fruit machines) we will also have ctf matches where bets will be placed on the winner and much much more

We did have a major grief incident this month so much so the server had to be rolled back. The guys & girl at lan hut staff are working very hard to make sure we have the most up to date anti grief protection. This will save us a lot of heartache. Remember if you spot someone griefing or you have been griefed please let an owner know so we can check the server logs and ban that person from the server.

Server future top 3

Multi World
I think the next step we have in mind is to use a multi world plugin so we can separate creative and survival by worlds. This will also work great as at the moment we have to make sure that people are only using creative mode in the creative area – with this plugin it will sort it out for us automatically as they switch worlds.

Hostile Mobs Return
I know we have all been waiting for their return. I am unsure if enderman will be turned off or we will just stop them from picking up blocks but we will soon find out as this will be happening any day now maybe already has by the time this newsletter comes out

Remote logging
This will allow lan hut staff member Jason to access and reboot the server if it goes down and maybe other permission like adding plugins. Hopefully also in the future, access will be given to myself to help make sure server outage is at a minimum.

Behind the scenes

Server upgrade
This server is very privileged in that the people who host this server is also our friends that are active in the server and because of this, any tweaks that need to take place, they can witness first hand. This was proven when the senior consultant for lan hut noticed some lag on the server and decided to upgrade it to 10gb ram. I also heard that it will be upgraded again with a giga thingy (I forget what the correct wording was) early in the new year. I have no idea what one of those things is but I’m sure its going be good for us all.

I have been looking into getting a domain and sorting out a proper webpage and forums for us. Unfortunately I don’t really know what im doing so this is delaying things alot. I will try and get my head round it so hopefully we can have a webpage we can call home very soon.

Well ok, threats is probably too strong of a word but I have had 2 occasions in these weeks where owners of other servers have accused me of taking players away from their server (don’t ask who the owners were as we will not say). I explained to them that a player has freewill and can go to any server they wish I also tried to keep it light hearted as the people who accused me of this I considered my friends. It is important to me that you are on my server because you enjoy it and have fun. I will not back down to anyone thinking they can control you in doing what they want and if you do get any hassle from anyone requesting you to move server then please let me know and I will ban them.
The owners in question have apologised and hopefully we will not hear anything else come from it but please be cautious if you plan to advertise this server on other servers many owners do not like it.
I personally don’t mind it and welcome any player letting me know a great server they have been too and what made it great so I can incorporate the same things.

Randomness IRL

Trick or Treat, so I hear you all had a great time on Halloween with many of you still having lots of candy left over. Some of the players dressed up and the costumes I know about is – The Mexicans, A pink ice cream & BoxMan.

Kierito is no longer h’armless
Kierito finally has his cast remove! If you did not know a very nasty football accident left Kie with a fractured wrist and has been playing all this time with one hand and the other in a cast. If you see Kie on the server make sure you give him a hug

So the next holidays we have before the next newsletter will be:
Thanks giving for you Americans & guy Fawkes for us Brits. Are you doing anything special for those days … let us all know?



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Re: Pandora News Letter - Issue #1

Post by anders287 on Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:26 am

I created Mountain_Wars Sad

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Post by maddieclear on Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:35 am

It's good to catch up and read these, thanks for writing it.


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Re: Pandora News Letter - Issue #1

Post by anders287 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:20 am

Issue #2 ? cheers

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Re: Pandora News Letter - Issue #1

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