Pandora News Letter Issue #2 - Part 2

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Pandora News Letter Issue #2 - Part 2

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:31 am

A change of server !!!

I am not doing this on purpose honest – last month we had a change of ip port and this month a change of server. It almost makes the connecting to the correct server a treasure hunt but we are doing this for the best interest in the thing that matters … that is you guys.

In the start of the new year we will be moving to the new server!

The new address for this server is

The server is currently up and running but please read the following before you connect to it and please note the following key words. Lanhut is our current provider, pig is our new provider. You have a couple of options on how you wish to play.

Connect to the current server (lanhut) and continue to build, everything you build will be transferred over on the 31st December to the new server (pig), you will not notice any difference except to say you will have to enter a new ip address on the 31st December.

Connect to the new server (pig). This server is full pvp survive and thrive vanilla. There are no plugins. If you join this server please be aware that if a player kills you then that is part of the game, if a player loots your items then that is part of the game, a player destroys your house … yep you guessed it, its part of the game. Do not build any thing great because the map will be deleted along with all your items.

This new server (pig) will not be managed until the switch over (31st December) so please do no come to us to say such and such did this and I lost this … if you do not like it then please please do not play there.

Once again, for now I suggest you carry on playing as you do in the server you know (lan hut) and on the 31st December you enter the new ip and carry on playing doing what you do.

One final very important point I wish to make.
Lan hut have provided us with a server that matches many others. The server support is next to none and the work that has gone into keeping the server up and running and as smooth as possible has been flawless. They are by far the cheapest providers around and if the new server provider does not work out I will jump at the chance of coming back even if that means another ip change. If anyone was to think about purchasing a server then I would recommend lan hut, at the moment its not quite up to what we need but it will do the job for many others and in the future im sure it will match all other providers if not exceed them (


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