Pandora Newsletter Issue #3

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Pandora Newsletter Issue #3

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:14 am

will format it later honest Smile



Monthly Newsletter Issue #3

Pandora - Monthly Newsletter Issue #3


Happy New Year Pandorians,

Those that follow the monthly newsletter and forums may wonder why the newsletter is in this format again and not the youtube video I said I was going to do? Well when I originally promised to do the youtube video newsletter format thingy I had no intention on moving servers and as you know we did and it took up lots of time to make sure everything was ready. I still plan on doing the youtube format in the future but will not promise on when, I do still need help in knowing what software etc is best to use so if anyone can help please visit the forums and let me know in the Media Discussion section.

This month I will not be talking about the top 3 categories, behind the scenes and IRL business because I have been so wrapped up in the server stuff and holiday I haven’t had a good chance to speak with you to see what is happening. Instead I will have a chat about the server changes and what to expect.

Hopefully everyone is now aware of your new server host, if you don’t, where have you been you are missing out.
The server ip is:
come check us out.

Due to the stability of the server we have finally been able to implement what we always wanted to do and that is multi world gametypes. This is a major plugin for us so let me talk a little about the worlds we have set up and how it works.
We have 4 different world types (not including the_end & nether) that give all players a different way to play the game depending on their mood .

/warp world
First up we have the Pandora Map. Now we had a number of problems in moving this map over and consequently the version that is stable and we are keeping is a little out of date (probably by a week maybe little more) if you find your build is not there or not how it was when we left then please let an admin or Owner know as they will be happy to help rebuild or give you the items you may have lost.
This world will have the same ranking system as before and send you promotion applications to the usual email address
a small change is that only the owners are now op’d but other ranks have been given/will be given more permissions. This is the main world that will utilise or the plugins like war, shopping, towny, mcmmo etc and will continue to function as before

/warp creative
Next up we have the creative world. This world has been a great addition as no longer do we have to manage who is in creative mode and who isn’t, no longer do we have to worry that items are being taken and used in the Pandora map as due to the configuration of multi Inventory these changes are done automatically for us. So all you need to do is choose a plot let the owners or a P1 ranked player know what one and we will add you to the plot and protect it for you … simples (insert meerkat squeak here).
So things to note for this world,
When ever you enter your inventory will change to that of when you left the world or empty if only just joined.
You will automatically be in gamemode 1(creative mode)
Your rank will be P2 this will give you all the permissions you need to build
You need to request a plot
You will notice a bedrock perimeter wall around the place, everything outside the bedrock area will not be protected and will likely be deleted.
The height from void to ground level is 33 blocks.
Rank of P1 have world edit permissions to add people to regions and protect builds.
No hostile mobs will spawn inside bedrock wall.
Each plot is 100 x100 approx

/warp faction
Wow this world seems to have attracted lots of attention and I love it. Those that know my minecraft playing know that I just love doing everything legit and having the game resemble as close to the original as possible and now I have my wish. In this world the aim is to build yourself a little faction (tribe, clan call it what you will) and build a base. You then mine for some ores invite some new people to join and build a bigger base. Eventually you will have an empire and live in a castle !!! one problem other factions are doing the same and want your power. You must destroy other factions by finding and raiding their base and hey while you’re at it why not blow the thing up that will teach em’.
We have 3 ranks for this world. F1 is the rank that all players will be when they join this includes myself. I use the same rules as everyone else so do not ask for items, weather change, creative mode etc it will not happen ever. We do have an Owner rank and that is the rank that NFFCBen will be. He will not be joining any factions and is only in the world to watch over people to make sure they are not breaking any rules, this leads nicely onto the last rank. Banished, this rank is what you would be if you broke any of the rules – now please listen I know a few of you have used an xray mod and flight mod I can see the information in the logs. When this newsletter goes out that will be the last warning I will then have zero tolerance and will not hesitate to give you this rank. If you have this rank you will effectively be a guest in the faction world and will be unable to participate. I’m being nice here because you will not be banned from the server just from this world. Please type /f for a list of commands also /f h [page number]

/warp (unknown)
This world is hidden and can not be viewed you will only be able to access it when I allow it. This world is the custom map world. So every now and then I will upload a custom adventure map that has been requested in the forums and announce the date and time when it will be open for people to play. Currently we have ‘the great wool race’ but if I could please recommend that if you are choosing a map to play, try to make it a map that is suitable for a number of players. I also recommend you use our ventrillo voice chat. Visit the forum to vote on the map and to find out when it will be played.

Well everything above im sure you agree all sounds good but we do have our problems and I have lots to do still on the list is,
Permissions including introducing Pandorian ranks correctly
Allow faction world to use tnt etc, adjust the faction config to allow raiding chests. – ( completed yesterday )
Import Nether & the end and allow the choice to bring items from that world into faction & Pandora world.
Allow faction world to use bridges, gates etc

I know there are lots more and this list does not include all the other plugins we will be installing but for now this is my list and hopefully although unlikely I will have this done before I go on holiday.

My holiday yay. I leave on Sunday 9th January early hours in the morning and return home Saturday 21st. Going to Kierito’s rock first then to Morocco – Marrakech, Fez, Essaouria & Agadir. I may pop into the forums and post some holiday snaps and see what’s going on 

Well I think I’ve covered most things and will save you by not rambling on anymore except to give some thanks to:

Those that have donated, thank you all so much it really does help out a lot and all the money you donate goes back into the server. Thank you for the support on the server, we reached the 20 player cap within first few hours and more were messaging me to join this is why I have pushed the server cap to now 50 players.
Aaron @ for providing us with the server the last 82 days ( for anyone looking for a cheap reliable server then look no further, Aaron can sort you out with a sweet deal)
Atty29 for giving us ventrilo voice chat. Download at use IP: Port: 4366 Password: Pan
Elicebox, Kierito & mtm for producing the official Pandora youtube video –
Danibull for creating the creative area for us.
And lastly anders for being a complete git and recording me after I had a little tipple over the Christmas period -




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Re: Pandora Newsletter Issue #3

Post by anders287 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:45 am

Aaaaahahhaha i cant stop laughing when i hear u sing pan Very Happy

You gotta sing when im a dj on ventrilo pan Very Happy

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