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Admin application

Post by anders287 on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:57 am

Hey guys, this is anders287.

I just wanted to say that if i could become an admin for this server it would be really cool. I do support and love the server so much Smile. And I like to help others and i always sit there and think how i can be a better player for other persons. I just love to build, both paid or unpaid, and feel that i actually have done something Smile

I was able to be op for a while, cause i was building that elevator in the spawn. I just learned then about the wand,but then i got unopped, and a strange bug allowed me to build with the wand :ppPp. I started to build lots of crazy shit with it :'D. But i just had this great interest for the wand and its awesome powers, and im still building de_dust2, (a counter-strike map), and i just realized that i have taken something wrong in the middle
---_____--- but i was gonna use that wand i though, so i wrote //wand, but i didnt have permissions. Absolutely lovely. And i have just built like 1/3 of that map, so i am still building in the retail mode Sad. And i have also become a moderator, and that was completely bad for me, now to be honest. Cant change time or warp or teleport. Lovely. And lil' me that always need day to see what i build...

But you know, when the server got griefed hardcore, i just wanted to say that i wish i could help find out who did it, because that jackass filled my no-more secret home with shitloads of water and lava. Eventually i could use the level.dat from the server when it got griefed, and find out, with how the things and all that things are placed, and atleast do A try ( i know crazy idea, may work tho...)

So you dont have to answer now, if you think its too early, just take your time and judge me in an honest way.

Thanks guys, i love this server and kake,

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Re: Admin application

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:59 pm

Hi anders,

Congratulations on your promotion to Moderator it was well deserverd.

Thank you for your application to Admin. At the moment the owners are going to review all ranks but in perticualar the number server admins we have/ how active they are/ how supportive they are and do we need any more. Its very important we get the right balance and although I would love to be able to promote all to admin (expecially players like yourself ) it is important that we control the number of admins or the rank will lose all meaning.

An announcement will be made soon to let you and all know what we have decided.

Permissions - This is a little messed up and I promise to have a good look tonight to correct the problem with commands assigned to each rank. Warp and teleport will be available for your rank but time change and wand will be assigned to PreAdmin & Admin only (except owners & lan hut staff ofc). The work you have done on de_dust2 is fantastic and if you need help with a wand ask any of the admin's I am sure they will be happy to help although with your perticular creation it could be hard to explain exactly what you need.

Logs - We now have fantastic logs for this server and the ability to search anything that has occured on the server. This was proven on Saturday where we were able to identify a player who decided it would be fun to drop a bucket of water on the perimeter wall of creative area quite a few times.


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