Notch vs Yogscast?

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Notch vs Yogscast?

Post by anders287 on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:57 am

What is actually going on? If anyone know please tell meh Smile

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Re: Notch vs Yogscast?

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:19 pm

During the yogscast panel simon and lewis said the F word a few times a parent complained to notch to say that that kind of language should not be spoken as there were some kids about.

The next events go something like this;

Notch tweets that he does not care who the person is they should not f-bomb in front of kids
Notch tweet confirms he is talking about the yogscast
Notch tweets that the yogscast was rude to a number of people during the autograph session
Notch tweets that the yogscast demanded payment to attend the yogscast which he had to pay and is the only people who got paid for it.

Hannah tweets that at no time did Mojang or any of the organizers tell them what they should or should not say. This was followed by a statement to say they will tell all when they arrive in the UK in a vlog

Total Biscuit tweets that Notch is well out of order and that the yogscast was respectful in everyway. They did swear but it was to no one in particular and is part of the characters they are which Mojang et el should have know.

Yogscast arrive in London and recieve abuse/voilance IRL by loyal notch fans

Notch tweets a kind of retraction and apology for saying what he did in public


Alot of what i have written is just summerised and does not show everything, for the full tweets and messages go to minecraft on reddit.


When you do get the full picture let me know what you think im interested. For me I am on the side of the yogscast. Mojang knew exactly the kind of people the yogscast are they should of either told them what words they should not say or should have made that event 16+.


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