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Post by NFFCBen on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:32 am

As you know, applications are posted and promotions are carried out weekly on a Sunday.
Me, Kierito and Pan all vote on each individual application based on: The application itself, The player's activity, The player's contribution to the server and The player's general behaviour and conduct within the server and community.

As it stands we have several Admins and Moderators and a continued ammount of applications for these ranks. At this time the 3 of us are thinking of an action plan to accomadate these applications. As you can understand not everyone can be an admin and high ranks cannot be awarded every single Sunday. This rapid promotion would mean sooner or later we would have several players maxed out at Admin and a disproportionate ammount of Admins to Builders. We are addressing this problem by currently holting Admin promotions and looking into possible alternatives. Please don't think that we aren't constantly working as we are. We are always discussing ways to make the server better, address any issues and create a server that you love as much as we do.

Also the introduction of donator ranks is being discussed. As for in game, we request that you do not ask for promotion but simply apply on the appropriate section of the forum page giving reasons why you should be promoted and what you will add to our server. Asking for a promotion will reduce your chance of promotion so for your sake, please dont ask.

All the team at Pandora working to improve the server, thank you for your continued participation and support as we try to build a stable server, hopefully a few weeks after the release of 1.9 all plugins will be updated and the introduction of multi world will mean a more secure, less restricted creative world and a much more free and relaxed community.

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