Mine is bigger than yours.

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Mine is bigger than yours.

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:33 am

Current ramblings on the ps2 forums & reddit are along the lines of players not happy that one gun will cost 250 certs and another gun will cost 750 certs. They are also kicking up about the guns have to be all side grades, and how can they be side grades if you have to pay more certs for some weapons “please don’t make one of the higher end guns more powerful, or I wont play anymore because then it will be pay to win” a boo hooo.

AHHHH shut up. You have no idea what the final pricing is going to be for each weapon, you have no idea how balanced each weapon will be or how it would suit you personally. Everyone has the same possibility of unlocking the same weapons, sure it will take them a little longer than someone who buys it, but so what !!!

For me, I think, having a good solid weapon that is a little over powered compared to other weapons is a good thing because it gives us all something to try and achieve.



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