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Pandorian plugin

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:23 pm

I plan to create a plugin for the server and wondered if anyone has any expertise in this or willing to help?

The plugin we will create is for the faction world to help in the managing of the faction league. So far my sudo code looks a little like this;

PvP death - log who killed who

f claim - log coords of land that is claimed
/raid - log player location when command is typed

if /raid
equal to f claim enemy coord
raid success
raid fail

if /f unclaim
equal to f claim enemy.
enemy claim success
claim fail

We should be able to pull the f claim data from the factions plugin along with the f unclaim command.
/raid will be a new command just for this plugin.
/raid can only be used once per enemy over x period of time
If a person issues the command /raid we will need a way of checking they are in the enemies base and not just above it or below it (think this could only be done manually).

For now I just want the output to be into txt files and into my sql database, but hopefully in time we will have a system set up that show the leader board in game.



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