What is this area for?

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What is this area for?

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:53 pm

Well Im sure its obvious by its Forum title Razz

In this forum section please post any suggestions for new plugins and any permissions you dont have and that you think you should have (word of warning dont mention multihome Razz).
Please also tell us about any other server related issues like lag.

Some things to note,

Atty will be the main man when it comes to this section but please dont hassle him if your permissions are still not fixed or a plugin is not installed.
Some permissions you wont have access to due to your rank.
Some plugins will not get installed if its too much of a game changer, the plugin is out of date, there is a conflict with another plugin, or an owner does not agree.
All plugins requested will not be installed by atty until an Owner replies to the thread to say go ahead.
If requesting a plugin please provide a link to the plugin guide and link.
Plugins can be found at the following url: http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=&ta=all&au=&subm=false&pno=0
If you are reporting lag or server outage please make sure it is the server and not an issue with just you.




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Re: What is this area for?

Post by Atty29 on Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:31 am

Can i request each plugin be put in its own topic so i can see clear yes nos from owners same for issues this is so as i fix.install i can simply remove the thread so this area is also my check list Smile

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