Server outage & griefers

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Server outage & griefers

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:31 am

So we lost the server i think 2 or 3 times over the weekend. It is a little difficult to find what caused it but it appears to be linked with a world edit taking place incorrectly. The world edit tool is very powerful so much so that we give it to only Admins ( I hope this is the case let me know if its not ). The most important things to remember is make sure you have set both corners (left & right click) before issuing a command and to break big world edits up into smaller chunks to make sure the server does not lag. If you are unsure of what the world edit commands are please ask any of the owners who would be happy to give you a tutorial, please do not try doing the commands yourself.
I woke up to a nice email on Saturday titled 'Pandora was griefed hard core today'.
Yes this was not nice. The server was griefed so much that the server had to be rolled back. We have a zero tolerance for griefers and anyone caught griefing will be insta banned for life. The disappointing part of this grief was that the helix at spawn was one of the objects broken ... if this is the case then the person who did this must have had op powers and are part of the trusted people we have on the server as spawn is region protected. I really hope this is not the case but i can not ignore the evidence.

New tools are being added to the server to help protect it and to catch the people who wish to do damage. We are also going to experiment with ways of splitting creative area and survival areas up so no more checking will need to take place in making sure people are not using creative outside the creative area.

Permissions still appear to be a problem and they will probably mess up again with the advent of muliworlds but please stick with us we will sort through this and you can expect some more exciting plugins as they get updated. The server is still less than a month old but in my opinion its already one of the best servers I have played on mainly because of the players on the server.

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