Creative Build Competition

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Creative Build Competition

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:04 pm

Hopefully you all read this month’s fantastic awesome newsletter as I’m sure you do every month and have noticed the creative build competition?

This is the thread for it so let me know if you are entering, what you plan to build and what you would call the seed if you won.

To recap the rules and what the winner gets.
This is a creative build competition and unlike our previous competitions you are not limited by plots and have weeks for your completion not the usual 2hrs.
You can build it anywhere on the creative map but it has to be one complete structure – let me explain this part better. I would consider a huge castle, with catacombs hidden underneath, watchtowers, a path leading to farm etc. as long as its all linked - another example would be a complete town with a town hall, a tavern and anything else you can think of, as long as you have a perimeter wall around it I consider it one complete structure.
Please make sure you give yourself enough room away from other builds.
Please inform a P1 creative member or an owner where your build is going to be so they can protect the land and create a warp for you.

We are changing the main world Pandora map and the winner of this competition will get to choose the seed name for this map. Every time the winner joins main world they can think to themselves ‘hey this is my map Smile’ or if any player hits f3 it will show them your seed name (not sure if this is true or its just numbers still).

As mentioned above the competition will run for a few weeks so you all have plenty of time. The reason for the length of time is I am hoping to announce the winner and implement the map at the same time as the next update so the new map incorporates the new jungle biome.

Good luck all, have funs



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