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Tristanwolf's Server

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:00 am

I thought maybe i should add a little post about this.

Tristanwolf for me is someone who i had not come across but I was told he is someone who hung out on Zaboo's server. This obviously meant that a lot of players i know tristan also knew and they would play on both servers.

I would like to make it clear i have no problem players on mutliple servers i think its a good way of creating a good batch of friends.

Tristan has been permantly banned from my server, the first player and hopefully the last.
I had to resort to this as he was planning on making those who came on my server banned from his. The only way I could protect my players was to ban tristan. That way those on my server can not be known to tristan and able go on both servers.

I hope this makes sense to players and i am sure some quite like tristan and the way he runs the server that is all fine with me and the other owners.
I also am aware that other players loyal to the Pandora server have taken it apon themselves to cause tristans server problems.
Please do not do this.
Thank you.


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