Ranks & Responsibilities

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Ranks & Responsibilities

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2011 2:49 am

Hopefully by the end of the day all ranks will be assigned to their respective player.

Assigning ranks is a difficult thing to do and to get the right balance of players is hard as we are not exactly sure how the player will be until they are in that rank.

Some rank assignment was tough , others were quite easy but please if you did not get the rank you wanted do not give up hope you may get it in the future.

Over the coming week(s) we will be looking very closely at the rank people have been assigned and you may seem some changes made in either a promotion or demotion.

I expect that all future ranks will be assigned in game but something I would like to make clear.

From now on all promotions & demotions will be handled by Ben & Kie. This is a decision that was made even before we got the server and the only reason I stepped in was to move things along.

Ben & Kie do not like people requesting promotion, as you can expect this can get very annoying very quickly. The owners are aware of what goes on in the server they also will get information from the admins so there is no need to ask for promotion as they know all too well who should get it and who should not. Requesting promotion on the server could result in you getting demotion, yes it can really be that annoying.

With the advent of the creative area those looking for promotion just so they can add a few extra commands do not really have an excuse because they have the ability to fly and have every item. The people who are promoted are generally those who we feel are going to give something back to the server. That could be in the way of being active, keeping an eye on those that may break the rules or those that just like to help other players out.

What ever your rank please respect all players and have fun.



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